Yoga Mama Tells All


Yoga Mama Tells All .... Born of  the “maybe one day I’ll write a book” thoughts I’ve long had, and the not-so-gentle nudges from friends and family after each year’s pithy Christmas update letter, I’ve finally committed to a designated space for my thoughts.  You’ll find random snippets of conversations, stories of home and family life, yoga podcasts, photos..... pretty much an expanded version of what I’ve been sharing on Facebook which includes, but isn’t limited to, anything that my brain can conceive of. 

As a reminder, these are my thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc, making it entirely possible and highly likely the content herein will not be politically correct and potentially offensive to you at times.  This is me and it’s how I roll.  All of that said, thanks for stopping by Yoga Mama Tells All and I sincerely hope you enjoy your view through this little window into my world. 

Yes, I’m *finally* writing an actual blog....

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